Swimming Pool Services & Repair, LLC dba Aardvark Leak Detection & Repair has over 38 years of experience in leak detection, underwater crack repairs, weekly pool servicing, repair & replacement on: pool heaters, motors, control panels, filter grids and units, booster pumps, led lighting, lights, control valves, pressure valves, tile, grout, & plumbing repairs on pools and spas in Orange County.  We find and fix leaks underground utilizing pressure testing and sonar location.

We also specialize in skimmer box replacement, complex installation of underwater pool and spa lights, troubleshooting systems, programming, pool inspections.

Contractors License # 1056393

Swimming Pool Services​& Repair,LLC   

dba Aardvark Leak Detection & Pool Repair

Fully LIcensed and insured

AARDVARK is Orange County’s leak detection & repair specialist for 38 years! 


30100 Town Center Dr. Suite 161 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677